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13 Counterpunches to KO the American Cockroach

|  May 15, 2014
  1. Sanitation. Clean up. Reduce resources available to the American cockroach.
  2. Pest-Proofing. Seal cracks, crevices and other openings this species can use for entry points and harborage.
  3. Granular baits. Lure American cockroaches outdoors to areas away from where the client will see them.
  4. Gel baits. Use a deadly combination of gel baits and other control methods.
  5. Sticky traps. Strategically place and monitor glue boards to help uncover harborages and problem areas.
  6. Thorough inspection. Identify all entry points, harborage areas and conducive conditions.
  7. Perimeter defense. Provide customers with recommendations to correct conducive conditions and include perimeter and granular bait applications, sticky traps and pest-proofing.
  8. Lights out. American cockroaches sometimes fly and can be attracted to lights. Alter exterior lighting to reduce attraction.
  9. Exploit habits. Just like in Rocky III when Clubber Lang (Mr. T) dropped his guard after every jab, take advantage of the American cockroach’s habit of using sewer lines and floor drains for access and harborage. Pest-proof, steam and clean these areas.
  10. Shrink the ring. American cockroaches often travel via hidden voids. Render these areas off limits by applying dusts and baits.
  11. Guard up. Keep your eyes open. A knockdown is not a knockout!
  12. Tag team. Give customers practical recommendations to enhance your joint cockroach control efforts and sell them on why their assistance is imperative.
  13. Go all out. Use your entire arsenal — knowledge, experience, tools and techniques — to KO the American cockroach.


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