Oldham Chemicals Co.: Fleet Package


June 23, 2014

Headshot: Oldham Chemicals CoOldham Chemicals Co. has joined with Knapheide, SnugTop and Toyota for a “complete fleet management program.” Finance or lease a Toyota Tacoma outfitted with a sprayer and truck cap all as one unit, allowing you to capitalize your truck cap and sprayer. Knapheide will install and deliver this packaged vehicle to any Toyota dealer in the country. Oldham provides three sprayer options, including a 25-gal., 12-volt unit for perimeter pest control; a 40-gal. 12-volt unit for perimeter pest and termite work; or a 40-gal. gas rig with a Honda engine and a diaphragm pump that can be used for pest, termite or even wet-mist mosquito work. The SnugTop topper, meanwhile, offers such standard features as lighted driver side toolbox with interior locking panel; a lighted passenger side toolbox with interior locking panel; and ladder “J” hooks. Options include a backup alarm and a backup camera and monitor.



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  1. Ty Hudson says:

    I would like to know more information about leasing or financing

    1. PMP Staff says:

      Thanks for writing, Ty. Your best bet is to call Oldham directly at (800) 888-5502. Good luck! — The Eds.