Did You Know? Raccoon Reproduction


July 14, 2014

■ Raccoons pair up only during the breeding season. Mating occurs as early as January to as late as June. The peak mating period is March to April.

■ After a 65-day gestation period, two to three kits are born.

■ The kits typically remain in their dens until they’re about seven weeks old, at which time they can walk, run, climb and begin to occupy alternate dens.

■ At eight to 10 weeks of age, the young regularly accompany their mothers outside their dens and forage for themselves.

■ By 12 weeks of age, the kits roam on their own for several nights before returning to their mothers. The kits remain with their mothers, in their home ranges, through winter. In early spring, the kits often seek their own territories.

Source: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.


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