FMC Talstar Videos Show Proper Application


August 1, 2014

Wilson_Lauren_300PHILADELPHIA—Summer months mean higher pest pressure in most areas of the country, so it’s more important than ever for pest management professionals (PMPs) to know how to properly apply pesticides.

That’s why FMC Corp. is reintroducing three videos showing proper guidelines for liquid pesticide applications and demonstrating how to apply Talstar Professional Insecticide. The videos take viewers step-by-step through applications of Talstar for outdoor spot and perimeter treatments, as well as indoor applications.

Now live on the FMC YouTube Pest channel, “How to Properly Apply Liquid Pesticides”  and “How to Properly Apply Talstar Professional Insecticide” are each three minutes long. A six-minute version incorporating both videos is also live on the FMC Pest YouTube site.

“Safety serves as the backbone of FMC’s culture,” says Lauren Wilson, technical service representative for FMC and a certified PMP. “Every day, I answer questions from customers about how to apply our insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. I always tell them, there are certain guidelines to follow when using any product.

“Since Talstar Professional Insecticide is among the most widely used insecticides, we wanted to encourage product stewardship by showing the correct way to apply the product,” adds Wilson.

In the videos, she clearly demonstrates how to prepare for an outdoor application, including removing all pets, toys and people from the area. She then shows:

  • proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when making an application;
  • how to prepare for an indoor application;
  • proper storage of pesticides; and
  • how to prepare for an accidental spill

In the application demonstration video, Wilson shows how to mix and spray Talstar Professional Insecticide both indoors and outdoors.


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