Terramera PlantScience Acquires Plasma Power


September 2, 2014

Karn_headshot_face_300VANCOUVER—Terramera PlantScience has acquired Plasma Power, an India-based manufacturer of cold-pressed neem oil and other ecologically friendly products for use in agriculture, human health and cosmetic applications. Terms were not disclosed.

Plasma Power, headquartered in Chennai, India, produces a range of products for use in agricultural crop protection, including the only cold-pressed neem oil registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use as a pesticide. Plasma Power’s Cold Pressed Neem Oil is the active ingredient in Terramera’s biopesticides, which include Proof plant-based insecticides and CIRKIL professional products.

Plasma Power was founded in 1987, and has been focusing on the development of neem and other natural products since 1996. It has worked on perfecting the process of cold-pressed neem oil extraction, and holds its patent. Its products include certified organic Cold Pressed Neem Oil, Neem Cake, Karanja Oil and Karanja Cake.

Terramera will continue Plasma Power’s operation in India with the existing staff and facilities, serving Plasma’s current global customer base. It plans to invest to grow the business aggressively.

“The acquisition of Plasma gives Terramera PlantScience security with the only EPA-registered source of cold-pressed neem oil, and guarantees supply of the key active ingredient in our current biopesticide products,” says Karn Manhas, CEO and founder of  Terramera. “It also provides a profitable going concern with a global customer base, and an opportunity to expand use of neem products globally — both through Terramera and with Plasma’s customers — for biopesticides, health and cosmetic applications.

“Terramera PlantScience has active field trials and a solid pipeline of products in development using Cold Pressed Neem Oil from Plasma Power,” Manhas continues. “This acquisition will allow Terramera to accelerate development and regulatory approval processes through this vertical integration of our active ingredient source.”


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