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Tri-Con: Pest Control Treating Rod line

|  October 14, 2014

tricon_sprayer300Tri-Con has been involved in the pest control industry for several years, and has recognized the need for different lengths of rods that are “interchangeable” to the applicator gun. The new treating rods are made of 3/8-in. steel-plated rod. They are available in 6-, 12-, 18-, 24-, 36- and 50-in. lengths that fit a heavy duty Tri-Con applicator gun with the rating of 250 psi, which connects to any garden hose thread. In addition, Tri-Con rods have a non-removable bullet tip, available in two different styles: straight quarter-in. hole tip or a tip with straight hole and lateral holes. This tip has an exclusive plug screw that screws in the end to allow more flow through the lateral hole or remove the plug, and it allows the flow through all the holes.

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