Arrow Exterminators Helps Rebuild Ferguson


December 10, 2014

Arrow50logoATLANTA—Arrow Exterminators has made donations to a variety of small businesses to help rebuild Ferguson, Mo.

“I was very moved by what occurred in Ferguson after the rioting,” says Emily Thomas Kendrick, president and CEO of the Atlanta-based firm. “Seeing those small local businesses get burned to the ground, looted or vandalized broke my heart. What moved me the most was how the small-business owners let the spirit of entrepreneurialism and self-reliance move them, and they picked up within hours and started to rebuild their businesses. We donated to four local businesses through”

The beneficiaries of Arrow’s donations include:

1. Natalie’s Cakes and More, which was burned to the ground.

2. Ferguson Market, a family-owned business whose entire inventory was either trashed or stolen.

3. Fashions R Boutique, which has been in business 28 years yet was burned to the ground.

4. Cathy’s Kitchen and J&C BBQ Repairs, two businesses whose co-owners, Cathy and Jerome Jenkins, suffered more than 26 broken windows and significant exterior damage.


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