Bird Barrier Launches Tree-Shock System


December 15, 2014

Photo: Bird Barrier CARSON, CALIF.—Bird Barrier America, Inc., has developed the patent-pending Tree-Shock, an electrified system that keeps birds and wildlife off tree limbs.

The system conditions pest birds like pigeons and grackles, and wildlife such as squirrels and raccoons, to leave trees permanently by shocking their feet with a painful, but harmless electrified pulse.

Following in the footsteps of the company’s Bird-Shock Flex-Track, which protects thousands of buildings worldwide, Bird Barrier’s Tree-Shock is barely visible, easy to install, effective and long-lasting, the company says.

“Since we started Bird Barrier more than 20 years ago, we’ve been able to solve the vast majority of building owners’ pest bird and wildlife problems,”  says Cameron Riddell, Bird Barrier’s president and founder. “But with trees, the industry as a whole has been unable to offer the perfect solution, until now.”

Tree-Shock is a half-inch PVC tube with two stainless-steel wires wrapped diagonally around it, in a pattern similar to the red-and-white spiral on a
barbershop pole. The two wires are secured to the tube with thin strands of nylon. A battery-powered charger sends short electrical pulses down the wires; positive down one wire, and negative (ground) down the other. When an animal’s foot touches both wires, it completes the circuit, and “ZAP” — the pest flies (or runs) away.

Pest management and landscape professionals can secure Tree-Shock tubing to the tops of limbs via an assortment of attachment methods. Because the product is tubular, it easily conforms to tree branches’ irregular configurations. It can even be strung between branches, presenting birds and wildlife with initially attractive perches and runways that ultimately teach them to avoid trees.

Tree-Shock is sold in a variety of lengths, like 5 and 10 ft., and in spools up to 500 ft. Bird Barrier offers a wide assortment of connectors, wires and fasteners, so any tree can be attractively, quickly and effectively protected.


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