Nisus debuts DominAnt Liquid Ant Bait


April 8, 2015

DominAntNisus Corp. has launched DominAnt Liquid Ant Bait. DominAnt is a 5.4 percent borate-based liquid ant bait. It will be sold in gallons, pints and bait stations and be manufactured by Nisus Corp. Nisus will also manufacture and package DominAnt in quart containers as a 1 percent borate-based liquid ant bait used primarily for large colony infestations such as Argentine ants.

Nisus Corp. notes that its decision to manufacture the product at its facility in Rockford, Tenn., allows for strict quality control standards to be applied.

“One of our basic goals is to provide our PMPs and distribution partners with the highest quality products and uninterrupted supply – manufacturing the DominAnt product will allow us to do that,” says Lee Barrett, Vice President of the Domestic and International Pest Control Division for Nisus.

The new DominAnt bait station will have an exclusive snap-to-open design that will eliminate the need to cut open bait stations with a pair of scissors or a knife.


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