Service Pro: Quick Search Module


April 17, 2015

QuickSearchService Pro introduces the latest module for its ServSuite software. With its completely redesigned interface, new Quick Search provides ServSuite users with a new, faster and simpler way of getting the most relevant customer information on screen. In addition to allowing users to search for customers in a similar manner as with the current Search module found in ServSuite, Quick Search also introduces two very important new features: The Account Smart Portal is a brand-new quick-reference screen, which allows users to easily see account notes, account balance, payment history, service history, future service dates and more, in an easy-to-read format. The second feature is its ability to seamlessly connect with an office Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system. Any ServSuite user with an office VoIP phone system can now use this new feature as long as their PBX (system/software) allows a feature called “URL pop or Screen Pop.” Whenever a customer calls the office, if the number exists in the database, ServSuite will capture the caller ID opening the newly designed Account Smart Portal to view the customer account details, thus eliminating manually searching for the customer.

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