J.F. Oakes Pro-Pest Synergy Lures


April 22, 2015

Pro-Pest Synergy LuresPro-Pest Synergy Lures, designed to work with UV Lighted Fly Glue Units, combine Muscalure (fly pheromone) with multiple pheromones to increase fly catch — while also attracting Indianmeal moths (IMM) and other stored product insects. They are easily attached to fly units, and slowly release over 13 weeks. Pro-Pest Synergy Combo-2 contains Muscalure plus pheromones to attract Plodia and Ephestia: IMM and almond, raisin, tobacco and Mediterranean flour moths. Pro-Pest Synergy Combo-4 contains Muscalure plus pheromones to attract Plodia, Ephestia, Lasioderma serricorne (cigarette beetles) and Trogoderma (warehouse and Khapra beetles). The lures can be used in food processing plants, food storage warehouses, supermarkets, delis, restaurants, bakeries, pet stores, poultry houses, dairies, horse stables, kennels, zoos and other places where flies and stored product insects are present.


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