ServSuite debuts GPS module


May 8, 2015

ServSuite GPS moduleService Pro Inc. has released a GPS module as an addition to its ServSuite software. What this module covers is a GPS unit that can be installed in company vehicles, and provide information on vehicle movement. Once the vehicle gets moving, the unit sends real-time updates to the ServSuite software in a set interval. This way, the user is able to track the vehicle and receive information on the speed and the route it is taking. Business managers are then able to look at the driving history and compare previously plotted driving routes to the actually driven ones. They are able to get reports on speed limits, ignition activity (idle, on, off), etc.

Having this sort of control over company vehicles has been known to make companies eligible for lower insurance premiums with some providers. The ServSuite GPS Vehicle Tracking Module is integrated with Service Pro’s Scheduling and Fleet Module, and has geo-fencing functionality — which allows for an even more precise vehicle tracking practice.


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