NPMA launches PesTech3 conference


May 18, 2015

Pestech3 logoShowcasing a mix of business management sessions and interactive breakout groups featuring up-and-coming information/digital technologies for the pest management industry, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) will host PesTech3 Jan. 5-7, 2016, in Silicon Valley (San Jose, Calif.).

“The changes in technology in the past five years have been extraordinary,” says NPMA CEO Bob Rosenberg. “During PesTech, companies will have the opportunity to learn about advances in mobile technologies, business automation, big data, security and other technologies on the horizon that will improve their efficiencies and create opportunities for financial growth.”

The conference will feature technology thought leaders and provide a forum for attendees to learn from one another about their technology experiences, as well as the current technologies used to enhance daily practices within their pest management businesses.

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  1. Art Manon says:

    With Will Nepper in attendance @the Pest Vets committee @ Legislatative Day I proposed the Industry embrace the Share A Ride concept, as the future is now, the Industry can realize a multitude of benefits, not just metro markets. Hire Vets to drive, earn while we promote our brand, the real gold in them their hills is the leads @ Airports, as studies indicate hundreds passing thru Airports are new residents in that city, low hanging fruit (leads), that up to now were hard to get. NPMA should take control, as this share a ride industry has no leadership, yet with no guide, lack of compliance that industry has managed to gross more than the Pest Management Industry, in short we could run circles around the likes of Uber and strengthen our industry all the while, financially as well as image, promoting while being current.