Raleigh Jenkins starts charity for Haiti



May 21, 2015


May 21, 2015

A Child's H.O.P.E.The images of young children without homes or families following the January 2010 Haitian earthquake prompted Houston businessman Raleigh Jenkins to embark upon a journey to make a difference for Haiti’s children. Along with his family, close friends and business associates, Jenkins, president of ABC Home & Commercial Services, established A Child’s H.O.P.E., an initiative that will provide Haiti’s orphaned children an opportunity to live in a safe, supportive, faith-based community that differs sharply from the traditional orphanages of this Caribbean country.

The family-style living facility will feature education, athletic and medical facilities, and children will be raised in family units ranging in age from infants to pre-teens. A full-time staff of teachers, counselors, agriculture experts and medical professionals will live and work at the facility.

“Our goal is to create a facility that is self-sustaining, and to teach the children how to eventually support themselves,” says Jenkins. “Our plans include farming, growing and selling coffee beans, and establishing jewelry and craft business, to create a sustainable source of income to support the facility.”

The seeds for success have already been planted, and while the first harvest of coffee grown exclusively at the facility is still a few years away, consumers can make an immediate difference in the lives of Haiti’s children by brewing a cup or pot of coffee today.

A Child’s H.O.P.E. is currently selling 16-oz. bags or single-serving portions (Keurig-compatible) of 100 percent Arabica Haitian-grown coffee. Because it is grown at a higher altitude, Arabica Haitian coffee beans ripen more slowly, allowing them to develop a higher sugar content which produces a smoother, richer taste. All proceeds from the sale of the coffee will go directly to support A Child’s H.O.P.E. Visit www.achildshope.org to learn more.


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