Conducive Conditions: Shutting Down the Cockroach Condo


June 8, 2015

Photo: Jeff McGovern

Getting rid of clutter and properly storing food should help deter cockroaches. Photo: Jeff McGovern

This is a common sight in homes and businesses — an area for snacks to enjoy while taking a moment of rest during a busy day. Even though it appears relatively clean, the clutter and access to structural cracks and crevices create the ideal habitat for German cockroaches (Blattella germanica).

Closer examination reveals obvious areas for harborage:
⦁ The electrical box in the upper left corner is dark and undisturbed. The conduit lines leading from it are safe passageways for cockroaches to travel anywhere in the room.
⦁ The microwave is an ideal habitat because of its numerous cracks and crevices. Its warmth and its cluttered top mean food and additional harborage are nearby.
⦁ The coffeemaker represents more food, water, warmth and hiding places.
⦁ The wooden cabinet is perfect for retaining the odors and scents that attract cockroaches.

Removing clutter, properly storing food in sealed containers, vacuuming, cleaning surfaces, and sealing cracks and crevices will make this area less conducive to thriving cockroach populations. The application of pest management product should be precise and accurate according to the products’ labels.

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  1. Art Manon says:

    Don’t forget the refregiator motor, especially in cold months & in rental & multi unit complexes.