How I Got Here: Russ Ives


June 11, 2015

Russ Ives

“CPS, known to the industry as PestSure, is a fantastic 35-year-old story about PMPs getting together to secure their future by insuring themselves. It has been an honor to follow industry legends such as Dick Keenan, Bob Sameth and Victor Hammel to help lead this organization.”

Russ Ives, president, Rose Pest Solutions and president-elect, National Pest Management Association, Troy, Mich.


Born in Detroit, still there

Russ Ives

Russ, Harlem and Bill Ives, circa 1980.


Class of 1974

B.A., Economics, Amherst College

Class of 1976

MBA, Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management



Russ Ives

Ives sings the national anthem at a Detroit Tigers game in 2011: “I’ve sung there five times, and the Tigers are undefeated when I have sung.”

CPA, Coopers & Lybrand


President, Rose Pest Solutions


Photo: Russ Ives

“I started working in our company’s warehouse at age 16. I mixed rat bait, and filled prepack bottles of diazinon, perthane, chlordane and Dursban (none of which are
still part of our arsenal), which could be poured into a 1-gal. B&G sprayer. It was important then, and remains so today,
to create efficiencies for service personnel, so they can concentrate on solving problems.”

Director, Copesan Services


President, CPS Insurance Co. Ltd.


Director, United Methodist Retirement Communities (UMRC)


Photo: ©

“It has been enlightening and fulfilling to be part of an organization that provides secure and affordable housing and innovative healthcare solutions for seniors in Southeast Michigan.” Photo: ©

Director, UMRC Foundation


When Ives is installed as president of the National Pest Management Association in October, he will be the third generation in his family to hold this position. His grandfather, Harlem Ives, served 1954-55, and his father, H. William Ives, served 1977-78.

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