Tomahawk Live Trap: Deluxe Multi-Catch Squirrel Pack


June 12, 2015

Tomahawk trapThe Tomahawk Deluxe Multi-Catch Squirrel Pack is a five-piece, multiple-catch squirrel removal system that allows users to trap or exclude the entire infestation from den openings. Mount the soffit cone under overhanging surfaces, the corner cone on inside corners, and the excluder on vertical surfaces. Then simply insert one of the two repeating traps, and the animals will remove themselves when exiting their den. When the deployed trap contains animals, swap it in seconds with the empty trap without disturbing the cone. Three sizes are available: DSP30 (den openings 3 in. or smaller, pictured); DSP40 (4 in. or smaller); and DSP50 (5 in. or smaller). Components can also be purchased separately.


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