Raccoon Caught Drinking on the Job


June 18, 2015

Drunk RaccoonIf you thought dealing with raccoons getting into your trash was frustrating, try dealing with a raccoon getting into your beer. That is what appears to have happened at the Union Beer Distributors’ warehouse in Brooklyn, New York, when a raccoon was recorded stumbling around and licking beer off the warehouse floor. In the video posted to YouTube by Phillipp Scott, who said on Twitter that he saw the raccoon at his work, the intoxicated raccoon had a hard time walking and eventually took a tumble when trying to run away. Although this is certainly not the first or last time a raccoon has gotten into an area where it wasn’t wanted, there are easy ways to prevent these mischievous menaces from getting into your trash and stash (of beer, that is). Check out PMP’s tips to prevent and trap raccoons here. It just goes to show that nothing good can come from breaking into a warehouse full of alcohol…Or licking beer off the floor.



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