Hear Him Out: Giant Bug Found Hiding in Man’s Ear


June 22, 2015

There’s nothing quite like a horrifyingly graphic video of a giant bug stuck inside someone’s ear to increase your pest management business. Recently, a video surfaced on Mirror Online of a man having an enormous winged insect removed from his ear after visiting a doctor about a terrible earache. In the video, the doctor sees a small critter curled up in the man’s ear canal, sitting on top of a lump of earwax. When the doctor uses tweezers to remove the wax, he discovers that what seemed like a tiny bug at first is actually a huge, winged insect hiding under the earwax.

While it is still unknown exactly what kind of bug it is, there are other similar stories of various creatures being found inside people’s ears. An article by Medical Daily reports other stories of creepy crawlers being found inside people’s ear canals, including cockroaches, spiders and, in the unfortunate case of one woman, an infestation of nearly 60 maggots.

If you happen to come across a critter nestled in your ear, there are a few home remedies you can try to remove the bug. The Mayo Clinic suggests pouring warm oil of some sort into the ear canal to float the insect out. Of course, the chances of finding a bug stuck in your ear are not very common, so you can rest easy tonight.

If reading about these horrifying stories isn’t enough to make your skin—or ears—crawl, watch the graphic video of the doctor dislodging the giant insect from the man’s ear. You have been warned.

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