Terminix celebrates Mosquito Week with “Mosquitonado” trailer


June 25, 2015

In honor of National Mosquito Control Awareness Week, June 21-27, 2015, Terminix has released “Mosquitonado,” a satirical trailer.

“Why do sharks, zombies, aliens and dinosaurs get all the attention?” asks Dr. Stan Cope, director of entomology and regulatory services for Terminix. “With ‘Mosquitonado,’ we want to raise awareness about the world’s deadliest creature, the mosquito. This trailer aims to do so in a fun and shareable way.”

The trailer’s premise is that monstrous hordes of bloodsucking mosquitoes are ruining America’s favorite summer holiday, the Fourth of July. From bombarding birthday parties to taking down entire buildings, the swarms are out for blood in mass quantities.

In an effort to defend themselves against the swarming vampires, citizens turn to jumbo fly swatters, dynamite, brass knuckles and a chainsaw, but their efforts are futile. Even “Sharknado” star Tara Reid admits she’s “never seen anything like this before,” in her cameo at 2:03.

The action-packed, two-minute trailer is available to view at Mosquitonado.com.



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