Smart Raccoon More Talented Than Toddler


July 17, 2015

It’s no secret that raccoons are fairly smart animals, which is why they can be difficult to catch and get the reputation as annoying pests. But if you’re one of those pest management professionals who thinks raccoons are nothing but a nuisance, you clearly haven’t seen Melanie Raccoon.

Four-year-old Melanie lives in the U.K. with her owner Kimberly Unger, who has taught the raccoon over 100 behaviors, reported The Daily Mirror. Melanie can sweep the floor, push a shopping cart, bring her owner a tissue when she sneezes and even ride a bike, which is more than most four-year-olds can do. “Raccoons are exceptionally intelligent animals but Melanie’s special – she has the intelligence of a human toddler,” Unger told The Daily Mirror.

Unger adopted Melanie when she was just eight weeks old and immediately started socializing her with people and animals. Because of this early training, Melanie is able to ride in buses, cars and trains, walk next to traffic and even visit schools, said Mother Nature Network. With various social media accounts, Melanie has become an Internet sensation, gaining so much popularity that she is getting her own TV show, which will air in the U.K.

But before you try catching a raccoon of your own to train, remember that most raccoons aren’t as smart—or sweet—as Melanie. “Raccoons don’t tend to make good pets for most people because they can be mischievous and temperamental,” said her owner. To learn more on handling wild raccoons, check out this PMP article.

You may not be able to land a TV show by training a pet raccoon of your own, but you can always try training your toddler.

For more videos of Melanie Raccoon, check out her YouTube channel.

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