Did You Know: Western Subterranean Termites


September 1, 2015

Western subterranean termites

Western subterranean termites are currently found in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, and western Nevada and Mexico. Photo: ©istock.com/WebSubstance

Did you know these facts about Western subterranean termites (Reticulitermes hesperus), or WST?

 WST are a native American species found in the western third of North America.

WST are attracted especially to Douglas fir trees, attacking the internal sections (spring wood) and leaving behind the harder, denser summer wood.

They eat across the grain of the wood, leaving a honeycomb shell of damage.

Mud tubes are critical to maintaining temperature and moisture as they travel between the main nest and their food source.

WST can swarm any time of year. Alates indicate the nearby presence of a large mature nest.

Queens can live 25 years and produce 2,000 eggs a day.

Colonies are located in the ground. Damage is most commonly found in basements and at ground level.

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