Odorless Stinkbug Removal


September 18, 2015

I can handle the insects that foolishly invade my living space, I can even handle them sneaking up on me, but there is one insect that sends a shiver up my spine like no other. Stinkbugs. They have a hard shell, they are ugly and they are smelly when you squish them. Rationally, I know I have to my suppress my initial reaction to ‘kill it, kill it with fire.’

So what to do, what to do? After some quick research, I found some pretty interesting answers. For example, to kill a stink bug without releasing the foul smell try knocking the insect into a glass, or bucket, of soapy water. The stinkbug will quickly drown and if you use scented soap, their stench will be masked.

Other sources around the Internet suggest using a vacuum cleaner— to which many immediately add that you should switch the bag immediately to avoid releasing the unappealing smell— and sealing up cracks in your home.

Do you have a better way to handle stinkbugs? I would love to hear it.

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