Syngenta PPM: Talon Ultrablok Pails

|  September 21, 2015

Talon Ultrablok pailIn addition to 8-lb. bags, Talon Ultrablok rodenticide is now available in a 16-lb. case containing two 8-lb. pails. Talon Ultrablok contains brodifacoum, as well as exclusive ingredients that have been shown to improve acceptance of the bait. Rats and mice only need to eat a small amount of the bait to receive a lethal dose of the active ingredient, which helps control rodents in a single feeding, including warfarin-resistant rodents. PMPs can receive yearlong rebates on purchases of the new Talon Ultrablok pails with the PestPartners 365 Program. For more information about the program, visit The new Talon Ultrablok pail option is registered in the state of New York. At press time, the Talon Ultrablok 16-lb. case containing two 8-lb. pails is not registered in the state of California. California PMPs are able to purchase the two 8-lb. bag configuration, however.

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