Puerto Rico approves OvoControl P use


September 23, 2015

InnolyticsOvoControl P, billed as “birth control for birds,” has been approved by the Department of Agriculture for use in Puerto Rico. OvoControl P is approved under a Special Local Needs (24(c)) registration in this unique ecological habitat.

Pigeons have reigned over communities in Puerto Rico since their introduction by the first European settlers in the 1600s. In Old San Juan, the Parque De Las Palomas — “The Park of Pigeons” — has the name for good reason. With easy access to food from tourists and little coves and tree trunks for them to nest, hundreds of pigeons have flocked here and claimed the park as their own.

OvoControl interferes with egg hatchability, causing the population of birds to decline through attrition. With proper use, pigeon populations typically decline by approximately 50 percent a year, according to the product’s San Clemente, Calif.-based manufacturer, Innolytics.

“Feral pigeons represent a scourge for the local businesses in the urban areas of Puerto Rico. There has been a tremendous amount of interest by pigeon impacted customers on the Island for this innovative solution,” says Erick Wolf, CEO of Innolytics.

The company’s representative, Caroline Ward, president of EnviroControl in San Juan agrees. “Our customers need an effective tool to manage their pigeons over the long term, but still remain environmentally responsible,” she adds. “OvoControl meets all of these requirements.”


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