Brothers in Rockaway Launch EZ-Pest Exterminating


October 1, 2015

Rockaway, N.Y., brothers Matthew and Henry Moers launched theĀ EZ-Pest Exterminating pest management company. The brothers, 22, got the bug for pest extermination from their uncle, the owner of Creepy Critters in Broad Channel. Henry said, “he’d bring us on jobs when we were younger,” and once they were legally allowed to work, the brothers began to work with their uncle and do freelance extermination work for bigger companies.

The Moers intend to excel in customer service at EZ-Pest, as they enjoy that side of the business as much as they enjoy their jobs. According to Matthew, “the business is really about interacting with people. Fifty percent is knowing the business and 50 percent is dealing with the customers.” They plan to embrace this small-business style, saying “We have people call us at 1 a.m. or 2 a.m. and we try our best to make it to them as soon as possible.” Their goal is to maintain a friendly relationship with their clientele.

While the business is licensed and insured now, the brothers hope to officially have a storefront within six months.


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