EHS Pest Services Steps Up to Help Friend and Colleague With West Nile Virus


October 16, 2015

Mark Maynard became the first person in Massachusetts this year to contract the West Nile virus from a mosquito bite. Since then, Maynard, a printer at Printmaster for 22 years has gone from optimal health to confined to a wheelchair from something we normally find a relatively harmless nuisance.

This neuroinvasive affliction has kept him in hospitals and physical rehab since being bit in August, and during this time he has lost the use of his legs.

As his medical bills start to pile up, friends, family, supporters and co-workers are starting to pitch in to help out.

EHS Pest Services works closely with Maynard’s company, and through the years has created a friendship. To support his fight against West Nile Virus, EHS Pest Service’s founder and president , John Stellberger, has pledged to match funds up to $1000 to support Printmaster’s campaign for Mark.

“Knowing and working with Tim and the folks at Printmaster for many years and then hearing of this horrible tragedy with this young man really moved us,” Stellberger said. “Our mission at EHS is ‘To protect our employees, our clients, our cities and respect our environment and all of its inhabitants’. This is what we sincerely believe and compels us to do what we can to help Mark Maynard.”

After taking to social media to raise awareness, the campaign has raised almost $5000 to make day to day living possible for Mark after he leaves rehab.

“We’ve been working hard all Summer long to educate people on vector-borne illness and how to reduce the risks,” Mark Negron, director of marketing & sustainability at EHS Pest Services said. “As much as I learned and as aware as I already was, I had no idea that something quite like this could happen to someone so young and healthy.”

EHS Pest Services approached the Town of Norwood to educate them on reduced risk treatments, specifically organic, when dealing with mosquitoes and ticks. Find out how it went below.


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