Bell Laboratories launches 1-lb. City Packs for Contrac, Final Blox


October 20, 2015

Bell City PacksAt the National Pest Management Association’s PestWorld 2015 in Nashville, Tenn., Bell Laboratories launched the 1-lb. City Pack for CONTRAC and FINAL BLOX. It’s available through Bell distributors.

Designed with technicians in mind, CONTRAC and FINAL City Packs feature lightweight pouch packaging for easy transportation. The smaller pack size is useful to control inventory in the field, and has a zip-lock closure to keep bait fresh.

“It’s exciting to offer PMPs new, convenient packaging for our most popular rodenticide formulations,” says Bell Eastern Regional Manager Sheila Haddad. “I am certain this will be a huge benefit for all PMPs in the city who have limited space to carry supplies.”

CONTRAC’s bromadiolone formula is known for rodent acceptance and control. FINAL All-Weather BLOX contains brodifacoum, considered by many to be the strongest single-feeding anticoagulant on the market today.

CONTRAC and FINAL City Packs are approved for use on commensal rodents as well as meadow voles and seven other additional species (certain restrictions may apply). CONTRAC City Packs are also approved for use on Peromyscus spp. (deer mouse, cotton mouse and white-footed mouse).


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