Rosie’s Pest Control becomes separate business this year


October 23, 2015

Logo: Rosie's Pest ControlRosie’s Pest Control, a company out of Tennessee, is now a separate entity. The business, started by Michael, Mark, and Tim Pugh, grew from their original family business, Pugh’s Flowers. The family of entrepreneurs have grown two other businesses from the original flower shop: Pugh’s Earthworks and Lickety Split Couriers. Each of their businesses are closely related. According to Michael Pugh, “the Lickety Split grew out of the flower delivery and Rosie’s Pest Control is an extension of Earthworks.” It was a natural transition for the brothers to move into Rosie’s. Pugh continued, “We already have the chemical licenses to spray for bugs and exterior weeds and things. That kind of led from Earthworks to pest control.”

The concept behind Rosie’s Pest Control, now owned by Mark Pugh and Andy Long, is unique. Unlike many other pest control companies, a large portion of Rosie’s workforce is female. Mark said, “It’s a mainly female workforce. A lot of housewives at home alone during the day tend to feel more comfortable sometimes when they have a female tech come. We’re hiring a lot of female technicians for the residential part.”

Though it was difficult at times, the brothers believe that much of their success comes from running these businesses as a group. “I don’t think any of the businesses would be as successful as they are if it wasn’t done as a group,” said Tim Pugh. “We complement each other well.”

The brothers are now considering expanding into commercial cleaning and residential lawn spraying. “We try to stick with what we know,” Pugh said.


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