Australian Man Survives Six Days in Desert After Eating Ants


November 5, 2015

We’ve all seen those TV shows that make contestants eat a number of insects for money in hopes of attracting audiences at home. But for one man in Australia, there was no money involved in his insect eating; it was about survival.

After separating from his brother while on a hunting trip, 62-year-old Reg Foggerdy survived six days in an Australian desert without food or water, reports CNN.

Wearing only a T-shirt, shorts and flip flops, Foggerdy wandered 19-miles to track down a camel he shot. Alone without any resources, and no tools to eat the camel he chased down, Foggerdy had to make a choice.  Remembering the TV shows of survival expert, Bear Grylls, Foggerdy turned to ants for a source of necessary nutrients.

Foggerdy had 12 ants the first day, and 18 the next. He even went so far as to tell reporters the ants tasted good.

Things didn’t look good for Foggerdy as time went by. Search parties were on the move trying to find him, and Foggerdy remembers search helicopters flying over without seeing him in his shelter from the blistering sun.

Finally, an Aboriginal tracker spotted one of his footprints in the dirt and they discovered Foggerdy “extremely dehydrated” and “a bit delusional,” but most importantly, alive.

After spending some much-needed time in the hospital following this ordeal, Foggerdy said he may return to look for his gun.


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