Pest Control Insulation, ENERGY STAR team for campaign


November 5, 2015

Rule Your Attic!In houses across America, poorly sealed and under-insulated attics are taking money out of homeowners’ pockets through high utility bills. To help your customers take control over high utility bills this heating season by properly sealing and insulating their attics, Pest Control Insulation has teamed with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) ENERGY STAR program to launch the Rule Your Attic! campaign.

Now in its second year, Rule Your Attic! is a multi-media, consumer-focused outreach campaign that uses social media to help homeowners understand the benefits of properly sealing and insulating their attics and encourage action, either through DIY projects or by working with a contractor.

“Most homeowners don’t realize how much money they are throwing away over something that has such a simple solution,” says Doug Anderson, Project Manager of the ENERGY STAR Seal and Insulate team. “Sealing up air leaks and adding insulation to recommended levels in the attic or basement (or crawlspace) can save homeowners up to 10 percent on their annual utility bills, and even more than 10 percent if you live in a northern climate.”

Pest Control Insulation provides an opportunity to couple permanent pest protection and energy savings via a home’s thermal envelope.

“The awareness brought to protecting a homeowner’s most treasured investment during last year’s campaign excited us about participating once again,” says Matt Paul, marketing manager for Pest Control Insulation.


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