The New Yorker Spotlights PMP Hall of Famer



November 17, 2015


November 17, 2015

corrigan_quotecardFor a man who has made such an impact on the pest industry, it seems only fitting that The New Yorker would select him to be featured in its Department of Experts column.

To get a better understanding of the man behind the nickname “rat czar,” The New Yorker caught up with Dr. Robert Corrigan during the Rodent Control Academy—a three-day course in rat management held in New York City and offered by its Department of Health.

With a nickname like, that I doubt you would have trouble imagining Dr. Corrigan’s area of expertise. But it’s more than a humorous form of endearment. This title, commonly used by his students and colleagues, stems from his long-running career in “Ratology.”

Dr. Corrigan has dedicated his career to understanding rodent behavior, and he has an impressive track record to show for it—including teaching rodentology at Purdue University and consulting for New York City’s Office of Pest Control Services. That rat czar himself was even inducted into the PMP Hall of Fame in 2008 for his notable work as an educator, innovator and consultant on vertebrate pests.

And if that isn’t impressive enough, Dr. Corrigan talked to reporter Doreen St. Félix about one of his more recent consulting gigs.

“I was in Galway recently,” he said. “It’s Europe, so those sewers are ancient. Perfect for rats. And then Philadelphia called. They wanted to make sure there weren’t any friends running around during the Pope’s visit.”

So cheers to Dr. Corrigan. We are thrilled that you are once again being recognized for your achievements.


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  1. Shep says:

    Cheers to Dr. Corrigan! I concur and heartily. The Rodent Control Academy represents a unique and unparalleled opportunity to learn rat control. To an urban pest management professional, the value of venturing into the field with Bobby Corrigan cannot be overstated.