9 of the Most Cringe-Worthy Pest Infestations


November 20, 2015

The next time you come across a daunting infestation, just remember, it could be worse. Actually, it could probably be so much worse.

And thanks to a recent article from realtor.com, there is nifty list of some of the worst pest infestations to prove it.

1.  Bats: the harmless, noisy roommates

One family in Miami had to deal with some very noisy free-loaders. Luckily for this family, the hundreds of bats never actually entered the home, they just made a lot of noise.


2. Don’t mess with this spider momma

Not that looking at your electricity meter is ever a pleasant sight, but this goes above and beyond that.

3. Snake water

Why did it have to be snakes? That’s what Ben Sessions surely thought after purchasing and living in his Idaho, snake-infested home. Apparently, at night the snakes could be heard slithering in the walls, and Sessions even told the Associated Press the tap water tasted like snakes. Here’s the kicker though, The Sessions family signed off on a disclosure from the previous owners stating that the house had snakes. So with no legal options, the family abandoned the house.


4. Bees make themselves at home.

After two years of living in a house infested with hundreds of thousands of bees in Houston, one homeowner decided to tear down her house in order to find relief. On the upside, over 200 pounds of honey was harvested from the walls of the house.


5. Spiders, the newest trend in wallpaper

For four years, one Missouri family battled spiders coming out of, well, just about everywhere in their house. An expert estimated 4,000 to 5,000 brown recluses were crawling in and out of the home. State Farm denied their insurance claim, but a judge eventually forced the company to fork over $472,000.

6.  Roaches

You know how it goes: if you’ve seen one cockroach, you probably haven’t seen them all. Well, I don’t really want to think about how many we can’t see in this next clip.


7. Yes sir, you have bed bugs

Thanks to the guys of Town & Country Pest Solutions for this next clip. According to them, the man who lived in this Syracuse, NY apartment claimed he never saw even one bed bug. Town & Country Pest Solutions did a full inspection on the building for bed bugs and happened to find this overwhelming collection. Don’t worry, they were able to treat the problem and the bed bugs never returned.


8. Hundreds of angry stink bugs

Where is the perfect place for stink bugs to hibernate? Your home. And what should you not do with stink bugs? Smash them. And this is why…


9. Rat infestation

For our last case, let’s go across the pond to Winchester, England, where Winchester City Council fought 656 rat infestations from April 2013 to 2014. So how are local pest management professionals fairing against this rat infestation? Not well…



What’s the worst infestation you’ve ever had to deal with? Let us know in the comments below!

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