The Perfect Cockroach Accessory


December 4, 2015

Ever wish you could proudly flaunt your profession to all in a chic and clever way? Are you looking for a new backpack for all your PMP tools?

Luckily for you, there may be the perfect accessory for you: The cockroach backpack.

We saw this image floating around the Internet, and much like the author of this Dangerous Minds article, we were instantly intrigued. Who made this? Where on earth did it come from?

And our most important question, would anyone buy it?

After some digging, I found a blog that referenced it and where to buy it! Unfortunately for my journalistic pride, I was disappointed from then on out. The blog was outdated (latest blog post showcasing a new gadget for the iPhone 4), and the website where I supposedly could have bought it was no longer a functioning site.

Maybe someone else will pick up the idea, but until then, cockroach backpack pictures are all I can offer you.



Do you have any pest-themed accessories you like to wear or display? We want to know!

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