Bird Barrier: Multi-Catch Cage Trap for the Sparrow Trap Door


February 5, 2016

Bird Barrier trapTurn your Sparrow Trap Door into a repeating trap: The first sparrow is caught and falls inside the cage trap. Once inside, it sings happily and attracts other birds. The Trap Door secures to the top with spring clips. The unit can be hung from the ceiling with the provided cable bridle. Two drawbridge-style patios provide safe entrance for birds and are hinged up for transport. The secure inner chamber can be stocked with food and water (containers included), while the sanitary metal slide-out pan keeps all food and droppings inside the trap. The trap can be easily removed by unlatching the spring clips from the slots and sliding the trap forward, while closing the top of the cage to eliminate the possibility of any birds escaping.

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