So I Found a Strange Insect on My Hotel Bed…


February 18, 2016

The insect I found crawling around the foot of my hotel room bed.

The insect I found crawling around the foot of my hotel room bed. You probably can’t see this, but this little guy has stripes.

So while getting ready for day two of ServSuite University 2016, I happened to see a small insect crawling around the foot of my bed.

After the immediate shock of seeing it in my hotel room, my mind immediately jumped to all sorts of questions. Is this a bed bug? Are Texas bed bugs different than ones in Ohio? Does this insect bite? What on earth do I do?

Fearing it was a bed bug, I immediately started checking the wall behind the bed, and the creases of the mattress. I didn’t find anything, but I was still not convinced.

To be honest, the timing was perfect. A few floors below me was a convenient gathering of pest management professionals from all over the United States. Surely one of them would know what this was.

So I quickly trapped it inside a disposable coffee cup and, with cup in hand, I started off to the first educational session of the morning.

To my own amusement, numerous people commented on my “coffee” and how I was starting the morning off on the right foot.

After sitting through the session, I looked around for someone who may be able to help. A friendly-looking man in a bright orange shirt was the winner.

His name was Stephen Rushing of Rushing Pest Control Service in Texarkana, Texas.

After explaining myself, he promptly dumped the cup and brought out his phone to use as a faux magnifying glass. To my great relief, he said it was a carpet beetle and that it would do absolutely no harm to myself.

The same doesn’t go for the decorative comforter that currently has tiny holes in it.

So I sighed my relief and thanked him (If you’re reading this, thank you again).

A pest management professional to the rescue, I’d say. It may have been a small act, but after my morning of worrying, his help was definitely appreciated.

I know this isn’t a crawling the web story per se, but since the insect was crawling by my feet I hope you will allow it. 


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