BedBug Central: SenSci ActivVolcano Bed Bug Detection Kit


March 6, 2016

SenSciThe SenSci ActivVolcano Bed Bug Detection Kit can detect and capture bed bugs in any room or setting, the company says. Designed with a clear bottom for quick and easy inspection, the monitor can fit nearly anywhere, including behind beds and in corners. When used together with SenSci Activ, a lure developed by Rutgers University, the combination can attract twice as many bed bugs. Each lure packet provides two to three months of attractant in normal settings, and the patented design increases the chance bed bugs remain trapped inside. Each kit contains four Volcano Bed Bug Detectors and four Activ Bed Bug Lure Packets. Each packet contains the SenSci Activ Bed Bug Lure, which mimics chemicals found on the skin to attract bed bugs. Product refills are sold separately.

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