Crawlspace Depot: Todol Foam Starter Kit


April 28, 2016

Foam Starter KitThe Todol Foam Starter Kit contains everything professionals need for sealing joints, cracks, and openings in a crawlspace, as well as a polyethylene liner and Bora-Foam. Everything comes packaged in the durable molded plastic carrying case, which holds a mounted system and extra cans. Components include:

  • Pageris Foam Dispenser Gun;
  • Todol EZ FLO Gun Foam, a polyurethane foam that is used as a sealant, void filler and has adhesive qualities;
  • Todol IPF Professional Gun Foam, a sealant that contains natural scented spices to further deter insects, birds, rodents and small animals;
  • Todol Pur Fill Gun Cleaner, to flush out uncured foam; and
  • Todol Pur Stick Foam, a professional gun-dispensed foaming adhesive that can be used to create a seal between a polyethylene liner and the wall surface. It can even be used to seal Bora-Foam to the wall as well as the joints.

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  1. Joe Torres says:

    Is this unit hard to clean out like traditional expand a foam products?

    1. PMP Staff says:

      Joe, thanks for your question. We reached out to Andrew Hicks, operations manager of Crawlspace Depot. Here’s his response:

      “As long as you keep a non-empty can of foam attached to the gun, you should not have to clean it out for a few days. However, if you will not be using it in the immediate future or if you detach a can (of foam) and don’t immediately connect a new one, it is very important you attach the Pur Clean to the gun and flush it out, so that the foam product does not dry up inside of the dispenser gun. It is a very simple process that only takes a minute to do.”

      Hope this helps! — The Eds.