Central Life Sciences: Aqua Zenivex E20


May 17, 2016

Aqua Zenivex E20New Aqua Zenivex E20 expands the Zenivex adulticide lineup of reduced-risk mosquito products with an option that offers easier mixing and equipment cleanup. The water-dilutable adulticide features a reduced-risk classification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and it’s approved for a wide range of application sites. Its active ingredient, etofenprox, presents low toxicity to birds, and dried foliar residues are not harmful to honey bees, the company says. Aqua Zenivex E20 can be used either diluted or undiluted for ultra low-volume (ULV), fogging or aerial applications. Available in 2.5-, 30- and 275-gal. packaging, the product requires no synergist, and the mixed/agitated solution stays without stratifying or settling. NOW through Aug. 31, 2016: All Aqua Zenivex E20 orders will immediately receive a 10 percent discount from 2016 list price. These purchases also qualify toward Central Life Sciences’ 2016 ALL Clear Rebate program.


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