Catseye Pest Control celebrates with black-tie gala



June 15, 2016


June 15, 2016

On April 17, staff, supporters and friends of Catseye Pest Control gathered in Albany, N.Y., for a black-tie, Catseye-themed celebration.

For years, John Gagne and his wife, Monica, dreamed of starting a business that was about making customers happy. In 1987, their dream became a reality.

Catseye Pest Control began as a two-person operation — John used his mom’s old station wagon and went door-to-door offering service for homes and businesses, while Monica managed a tiny office in their home in East Greenbush, N.Y.

Fast forward to today, where the company is a widely recognized brand with more than 85 employees who provide pest control, nuisance wildlife and exclusion services to thousands of homeowners and businesses in the greater Albany, N.Y., area, as well as in Western Massachusetts and Southwest Florida.

During the April 17 event, John and Monica thanked those who helped Catseye achieve success — and announced that ServiceMaster has acquired Catseye’s Northeast operations to further grow the brand. The offices will continue operating as Catseye Pest Control with the same staff, services and guarantees.

The Gagnes still own the Catseye brand and Florida operations, as well as Catseye USA, the media, marketing and management body behind the brand. They also noted there will be more announcements coming from Catseye USA soon — including a possible animated TV series!

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Photos: A Slyer Image Photography | Ashlea Keene is brand manager of Catseye USA, Albany, N.Y. Contact her at

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Ashlea Keene, a PMP contributor, is brand manager of Catseye USA, Albany, N.Y. Contact her at

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