NPMA responds to White House Pollinator Action Plan


July 5, 2016

NPMAThe National Pest Management Association (NPMA) reports that on June 22, “the White House released its Pollinator Partnership Action Plan (PPAP), which responds to the President’s emphasis on public-private partnerships and coordinating efforts to protect pollinators throughout the nation. This plan is very much consistent with the President’s national strategy to protect pollinators, released by his task force last May. The plan highlights:

  • Pollinator Protection Plans (MP3s) for every state
  • Providing additional land for foraging on public and private property
  • Better and more pollinator research
  • Developing and promoting Best Management Practices (BMPs)

From the onset of the development of the pollinator task force in 2014, NPMA has been very engaged on pollinator health and the structural pest management industry. We will continue to work with Federal and State officials and NPMA members on issues concerning pollinator health.”


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