Inert Gas Injection: The Eliminator System


August 5, 2016

IGI SystemIGI recently received registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for pesticidal carbon dioxide (CO2) to be used for fumigation and eradication of a long list of specific pests for the fumigation of storage, transport, containment structure pest control. The patented product is now known as IGI CO2, and functions only when released in a confined space, according to the company. There is no contamination of the soil or other spaces. IGI is setting up an international distribution network for its complete line of IGI Eliminator pest control products, as well as provide training on the products. The first product available that will deliver the EPA-approved CO2 is The Eliminator System, for fumigation of granaries, agricultural product storage facilities, cargo containers and ship holds. Additional labels that are at press time under EPA review are for the control of burrowing rodents and bed bugs. The company expects these approvals early next year.

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