Video: Family reports ‘plague of rats’ fueled by neighbor


August 23, 2016

A family in Southhampton, England, shared a video with the Southern Daily Echo of dozens of rats roaming their neighbor’s yard. Ali Khan believes his neighbor is feeding the rodents.

Khan tells the newspaper his children are afraid to go outside and that the family dog has been attacked by the rats.

“They’re always running around, running across the road and going through the bins,” Ali Khan says. “My children won’t go out now, and we can’t put the dog’s food outside in case a rat urinates in it causing disease.”

Khan says he contacted environmental health officers when he first noticed the rats and also sent them videos. Khan also says his neighbor can be seen feeding the rodents, which appears at the end of the video above.

“I’ve been in ongoing contact for nearly two years with environmental health officers, who have told me that I need to pay for pest control to come out,” Khan tells the Southern Daily Echo. “I don’t want to pay because it’s not my property.”

The southern England newspaper says environmental health officers visited the property.

“We can resolve most rat infestation problems in a straightforward way,” a spokesperson from Southampton City Council tells the Southern Daily Echo. “However, some cases are more complex and take longer to resolve, as with this case.

“The problem is you’ve got someone who is vulnerable but we’re not empowered to act on her behalf without her consent. I do have a lot of sympathy for the residents there and I extend my apologies to them. The council is sympathetic and is looking into it.”

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