3 cockroach control tips PMPs should use


September 8, 2016

What’s a cockroach control tip you think should be adopted by more pest management professionals? Experts weigh in:

Stuart Aust

Stuart Aust

“Look for fecal droppings in specific places, such as inside cabinets. Folks who have been traveling should have their suitcases and clothes inspected also. In places where food is stored, like restaurants, carefully inspect packages coming in and make sure cardboard boxes are cleared before they accumulate.”

Doug Mampe

Dr. Doug Mampe

“Don’t forget the importance of insect growth regulators (IGRs). They help provide long-term control.”

Paul Hardy

Paul Hardy

“I’m not sure there are any new tricks of the trade in cockroach control, but remember what Dr. [Austin] Frishman has always taught: education, inspection, identification, treatment, monitor and follow-up. Also, only two cockroaches live inside: brown-banded and German. That means deal with their control and prevention outside.”

Editor’s Note: Check out PMP’s exclusive cockroach survey results in our October issue.


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