Mosquito and Cooling Systems LLC: Built-in WiFi Port and Phone app


September 14, 2016

Control UnitThe Platinum edition of the Mosquito and Cooling Auto-Mist System now features a built-in WiFi Port and Phone App for wireless capability. The upgrade allows remote operation and monitoring of customer systems — eliminating the need for the customer to find out there is a system issue before you do. You are notified via text or email so you can address any issues before they become a problem. In addition, via the phone app you can reset alarms, handle remote activation, view high- or low-level discrepancies, power outages, or any other systems issues. The company offers training to get pest professionals off to a fast start, even providing marketing materials that can be customized to start advertising to an existing customer base. With either system (Platinum or Gold), installers connect a circuit of nozzles, which are hidden in the landscape, from the reservoir. All pest management professionals qualify for distributor pricing (25 percent off internet-advertised prices).

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