Photographer gets up close and personal with insects


September 30, 2016

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Ohio resident Brice Nihiser is a macro photography hobbyist who’s got a knack for insects.

Nihiser has a bachelor’s degree in freshwater and marine biology, as well as a master’s degree in environmental studies, both from Ohio University.

“I won’t say I used to be scared of arthropods, but they were something that I liked to view at a distance,” he tells Barcroft TV. “I now see them as small friends, something that there’s no reason to be afraid of.

Being able to move slow, manipulate your camera and not scare a subject takes a lot of time and practice. Different arthropods react differently to things like light, vibration and sound, so knowing what each one is sensitive to takes time to learn.”

Nihiser showcases his photographs on Instagram and on his website, where some photos can be purchased.

Nihiser says he uses the stacking method for most of his macro photographs, where multiple photographs are layered, or “stacked.” The macro photographs show a better picture of an insect’s anatomy.

“There’s one specific photo I have where I was taking a photo of a bird’s eye,” he tells Barcroft TV. “It wasn’t until I got home that I noticed that all around the bird’s eye were some red flecks. Upon further investigation the flecks had legs. I had inadvertently gotten a photo of not only the bird’s eye, but also some bird mites.”


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