P.E.S.T. Relief International: Georgia Partners Bring Comfort & Relief


October 11, 2016


Photo: Andrea Hancock

[The following post was submitted to PMP by guest writer, Andrea Hancock of P.E.S.T. International.]

Summer was busy for all of us, but we ended strong with a day of education and service.P.E.S.T. Relief International and CPCO of Georgia partnered together in the REST Initiativeto bring comfort and relief to two women’s recovery centers the last weekend in August.The REST Initiative is all about making shelters and group homes a more sanitary and comfortable place to sleep so that those in need can continue to receive help and care in a safe environment. Our goal through REST is to support organizations who are the “boots on the ground” in what they do best; helping others through their programs or providing care for a child.


Photo: Andrea Hancock

Our project began on Friday with the installation of 27 mattress encasements and ScenSci Volcano Bed Bug Detectors donated by Mattress Safe® and Bed Bug Central respectfully. CPCO enlisted their board of directors along with other volunteers to diligently encase the mattresses and place the detectors amidst the home. On Saturday, P.E.S.T. Relief International partnered with CPCO and Mattress Safe, Inc. to combine education and service together in one day. The morning kicked off at 9:00 a.m. with a 2 hour HPC Bed Bug Training followed by a workday at Abba House to further the efforts of the REST Initiative.

The best part is that a team of 37 P.E.S.T. Relief Responders consisting of pest control operators and distributors from Georgia, North Carolina, and California joined their efforts together to make this day a total success. Exclusion repair, electrical repair, termite treatments, bed bug prevention measures, lawn care maintenance, and painting services were provided to this Christian recovery center for women who are breaking free from addiction. Many of the living areas that were old and tattered were transformed into a safe and beautiful environment for the residents. Now this is what I call EMPATHY IN ACTION!

I want to give special thanks to each and every one who participated to make this event a huge success:

Thank you also to Dianne Cornwell, Julie Fogg, Kim Noel, Sylvia Kenmuir, Karen Dial, Jorge Vallejo, Glenda Lehmberg, Gail Deluca, Home Depot, Gregory’s Paint of Johns Creek, David Cowart Tree Service, Allison Smith Company, Mattress Safe, Inc., and The Ratman Inc. for their contributions.


P.E.S.T. Relief International is a non-profit 501(c)3 for Professionals to Empower, Sustain, and Transform lives. We bring comfort and relief to those in need through safe shelter, nutrition, physical and emotional health, and spiritual enrichment. Harnessing the power of the pest management industry, we touch the lives of the orphaned, abused, and those who are at-risk. To learn how you can maximize your impact locally and across the world, contact info@pestreliefinternational.com or call 678-525-7682. Or click the button below to donate to continue our efforts of changing lives one act at a time.



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