Protect-A-Bed: LightsOut Lab-In-A-Bag Pesticide Efficacy Kit


October 21, 2016

Lab in a Bag

Photo: LightsOut

The Lab-In-A-Bag Testing Kit is designed to allow pest management professionals to sift through their bed bug treatment options and determine a targeted and specific approach for each individual case. Protect-A-Bed teamed with University of Kentucky entomologists to develop this testing kit, which is the first of its kind and includes a cushioned and insulated carry bag, modular evaluation dishes, interchangeable substrate inserts such as furniture fabric, bedding fabric and wood, a hand magnifier, specimen collection forceps, dust application brush, grease pencil and detailed instructions for the cooling pack. A cooling pack is used to transport the bed bugs when necessary and to prevent the pests from inadvertently dying during hot weather. Lab-In-A-Bag also helps identify resistant-strain bed bugs, and allows for better control of an infestation with less pesticide use. A how-to-tutorial of the product is available online.

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