Wildlife sanctuary to repurpose election signs for pest traps


October 25, 2016

Photo: Guroadrunner / en.wikipedia

Photo: Guroadrunner / en.wikipedia

Brook Waimarama Sanctuary in Nelson, New Zealand, is seeking used election signs to repurpose into pest trap and monitoring tunnels. The sanctuary is asking local candidates to donate their used signs, which were removed from the city prior to the end of the voting period on Oct. 22.

Several candidates said they were interested, but the sanctuary hasn’t received any of the old signs yet, according to Stuff.co.nz.

Rick Field, project coordinator, tells Stuff that the sanctuary has previously used signs from real estate agents and the country’s general election to make the traps because they are lightweight and would otherwise be thrown away.

The signs are cut into rectangles and folded into long tubes, which are fitted with small entry points for pesky rodents to enter. Traps or tracking ink are placed in the tunnels for monitoring the rodents’ footprints.

Do you know of any organizations or companies in the pest control industry that could use, or plan to use, signs from the U.S. Presidential Election after it closes on Nov. 8? Comment below.

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