What’s the most notable encounter you’ve had in a crawlspace?


March 20, 2017

Kurt Scherzinger

Kurt Scherzinger, General Manager, ScherZinger Pest Control

“When I was out on an inspection in a crawlspace, it looked like it was raining mudtubes from the floor joists. I then looked up and realized the floor was sagging from the people standing above me. I got out of there as quickly as possible, as I felt the floor was about to fall on me.”

Pete Schopen

Pete Schopen, Owner, Schopen Pest Solutions

“While doing a termite inspection in Chicago, I broke my flashlight in a pitch-black crawlspace that was full of rats.”

Eric Scherzinger, Sales & Marketing Manager ScherZinger Pest Control

Eric Scherzinger, Sales & Marketing Manager ScherZinger Pest Control

“While doing training at one of our branch offices, I was asked to help do a [wood-destroying insect, or] WDI inspection on a foreclosed house the bank now owned. They had already purchased the baiting system, but needed an official WDI report. It was just my luck: They had a crawlspace. No big deal, I thought. I get into the crawlspace and find damage. Next to the damage, a previous inspector had written on the piece of wood: “From a beetle when it was a tree. Not termite or ant.” It was the strangest thing I have seen.”

Photo: Eric Scherzinger

Photo: Eric Scherzinger

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